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01 Simultaneous interpretation

Congresses, conferences, conferences, conventions, symposia ...

02 Consecutive interpreting

Courses, training seminars, commercial presentations ...

03 Other interpreting solutions

Negotiations, visits to facilities, banquets, work meetings, teleconferences, trials, appearances, notarial acts ...

04 Advisory services

Modalities of interpretation, most suitable interpreters, technical equipment ...

05 Written translation

Slides, magazines, web pages ...

06 Event Management

Courses, training seminars, commercial presentations ...

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01 Simultaneous interpretation

Interpretation services for: congresses, seminars, conferences, conventions, training courses, commercial presentations, board meetings and general shareholder meetings, European works councils, conference calls, video-conferences, etc.

Simultaneous interpretation is real time translation of the speaker’s words. The equipment required includes interpreter’s booths and consoles, audience receivers and earphones, along with microphones and auxiliary audio equipment.

All interpreters engaged by ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. work from and into Spanish as well as their other “active” language. This “bi-directional” (also called “both-ways”) interpreting is more efficient and economic in terms of the number of interpreting teams and equipment required, than the unidirectional system used by other organizations whose interpreters translate only into their native tongue.

Example: Under the ´ both-ways´ system, an English / Spanish language meeting requires one booth of two interpreters working in 30 minute turns, whereas the other system would require 4 interpreters and 2 booths (2 to translate from English to Spanish, and 2 to translate from Spanish to English). Under this example, the both-ways system poses a 50% savings for the client.

Simultaneous interpreting requires extremely high levels of concentration. For conferences exceeding 90 minutes, a team of two interpreters, turning off in 30 minute segments, is required.

Should your event require over 7 hours of interpreting work per day, it might be a good idea to hire a 3rd interpreter. Contact ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. for advice as to the best quality/cost arrangement.

Consult ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. to determine the type of interpreting best suited to your meeting.

02 Consecutive interpreting

Used for small meetings and negotiations, small training seminars, tours of industrial and other facilities, press conferences, business meetings, conference calls, banquets, court appearances, notary proceedings etc.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter translates once the speaker has finished speaking, instead of doing it at the same time (which would be simultaneous). The interpreter usually takes notes and awaits a pause before translating the speaker’s words.

The speaker should pause at reasonable intervals to allow the interpreter to deliver the translation. While consecutive interpreting extends the time of the meeting in question, it can be effective for small gatherings, negotiations, media interviews, speeches preceding banquets and training courses with few attendants.

Consecutive interpreting poses the advantages of requiring no audio or technical materials, and the need for only one interpreter, rather than the two interpreters that would be required for simultaneous interpretation exceeding 90 minutes.

Consult ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. to determine if consecutive interpreting is the type best suited to your meeting.

03 Other interpreting solutions


We currently provide remote interpreting in multiple languages at many types of international meetings: arbitrations, witness statements, board meetings, videoconferences, webinars, online seminars, etc.

In some cases there is a hybrid solution, where interpreters are on-site at the event and the speakers (some or all) and participants (some or all) are live-streamed.

In other cases there is no physical site and everything is organized remotely, where participants can even live-stream from their smartphone, in which case interpreters can work from a remote-interpreting hub.

WHISPERING (also called “chuchotage”).

Used for negotiations, visits to industrial and other facilities, business meetings, conference calls, banquets, court appearances, notary proceedings etc.

At meetings where only one or two individuals require interpreting, the best solution may be for the interpreter to whisper the translation to them, thus enabling the speaker to continue without pausing to allow for translation. Should the one or two ´listeners´ wish to make comments during the meeting, the interpreter will translate their comments to the meeting using consecutive interpreting, i.e., he/she will wait until after the comment is made, and in the ensuing pause, proceed to translate the comment for the others.

The whisper mode of interpreting is therefore an intermediate solution between simultaneous and consecutive modes.

As with consecutive interpreting, whispered interpreting requires no audio equipment, although it can be combined with the portable interpreting equipment that tour guides use.

Consult ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. to determine if this type of interpreting is best suited to your meeting.


04 Advisory services

With over 25-year experience in interpreting, and 15 in event organization, Ana Villa and ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. can advise you as to:

  • The type of interpreting that best meets your needs.
  • The interpreters best suited for the language combinations and subject matter of your event.
  • The equipment -including audiovisual and sound systems- required, at the best price-quality ratio for your needs, handled by reliable, professional sound technicians. For small meetings, the tour guide portable interpreting system constitutes a simpler and less expensive option, not requiring the on-site presence of a sound technician.

Consult ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L. to determine the system that best suits the needs of your meeting.

05 Written translation

Some people believe that written translation is easy and that anyone with a knowledge of the input-output languages can produce a quality translation. Ana Villa has over 25 years of experience in written translation, and is well aware of the importance of a translation well done.

For example:

  • Poorly translated slides can confuse and distract the audience of even the best, world-renown speakers.
  • Poorly translated papers are often rejected by scientific publications.
  • Patent request approvals can become entangled in red tape and delayed by years due to poor translation of the required documents. Precious time is lost in the patent approval process and, once informed, patent applicants must then recur to professional translators to revise and correct the errors in the documents originally submitted.  This constitutes a loss of time and money that could have been avoided if only they had entrusted the original translation to a professional translator.

ANAVI Traducción-Interpretación S.L., committed to quality, works exclusively with experienced translators and reviewers, working into their native tongues. Prior to assignment, Ana matches the translator’s areas of expertise to the subject matter of your document. Our motto is that a short-term investment in quality can constitute long term savings.


06 Event Management

Are you planning to hold a meeting and you do not have time nor staff to organize it? You just need to tell us about your needs and leave it to us. ANAVI provides event management services at meetings such as European Works Councils, training courses, seminars, congresses etc.

We are aware of the fact that each event is unique and every client has their own preferences, thus we are committed to recommending the venue best suited to your specific meeting, and if you so wish, we can assist you during each step of the event: booking the meeting rooms, interpreters, catering services, restaurants, travel agency, symposium office, event hostesses, photographer, audiovisuals, video of the event, app for the congress, stands etc., always in close cooperation with the best professionals, thanks to our 25 years of experience in the world of events.

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